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What can you expect from your Acupuncture appointment ?


Treatments are always based on the individual:

When we first meet, I will ask you to fill out a short information and consent for treatment form.
I will also ask a series of questions that relate to:
- the reason for coming to me.
- Sleep experience.
- Diet
(whether you eat hot or cold food, type of food and temperature of the water you prefer to drink).
- Daily stress level.
- Health history.
I will look at your tongue (Your tongue holds a map of your internal organ system on it). 
It is especially helpful to see how the digestion system is functioning.
I will look at your ears. (Your ears hold a map of the entire body on them). 
I am checking to see if I can see some stagnation, or perhaps you had an injured area or limb at some point in your life or I am looking for signs of excess heat.  I have helped lots of people who for what ever reason, are experience too much heat in their body, causing them to have a bad temper, be continually frustrated with everything, poor sleep,  so when I look at their ear, I know it can be helped just by releasing this heat to make things so much easier for them.
I will then offer you some feedback and discuss what I would like to do to help you.
In my experience and years of training, I find starting off the treatment with some Traditional Cupping Therapy on the back of the body is a good way to activate the organ systems and relax the body.
For three reasons I use the cups on the back of the body.  One, the back holds a lot of tension that can be felt all over the body from the head to the toes, the back has the longest meridian in the body so it is easy to get stuck; and two, all of the organ system points are represented on either side of the spine so we are able to activate those systems and create movement towards change.
The third reason is that blood circulation is like the pharmacy train for the body, it transports everything the body needs to heal and in my opinion, the cups do a better job in promoting circulation and allowing the transportation of good chemicals to where the body needs them most.
Body Acupuncture:
I will then ask you to turn over and I will perform Acupuncture on the front of the body.  That way you can see what I am doing and where the needles are going.
I don't necessarily have to put a needle where it hurts because the body is designed with holograms all over.  So depending on the injured area of the body, I can use the limbs interchangeably to address the entire body, even the back.
One of my clients who had sprained their ankle asked why I was putting a needle beside the knuckle of their thumb and then asking for them to circulate the injured ankle.  This is because the knuckle can represent the anklebone.  Strange, but it works all the time.
Got a headache?  There is a point in the webbing of the hand between the index finger and the thumb so we can use the hand for the headaches as well as the foot problems. 
Got a pain in the neck?  I can use points on the ankles and the wrists.
Ear Acupuncture:
Depending on what we are working on, I may also advise to have some Ear Acupuncture.  The ears are especially good for things that are triggered by by stress.  The ear acupuncture needles I use are specially designed to use for the ear points.
The points are helpful for things like eczema, poor sleep, high blood pressure, IBS, any kind of anxiety and also for any addiction.  The ear is close to the brain and so the points speak directly to the brain. ~ Certified by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. N.A.D.A.

Following the removal of the needles, we will have a feedback time and I will give you some water to help hydrate you and give you an information sheet with suggestions about "How to look after yourself after treatment". 

If you are open to it, I may also suggest and provide information about EFT "Emotional Freedom Technique" or an old remedy called a Castor Oil Pack.
What others have experienced with me:
"I had 4 sessions with Julianne and she did a combination of ear acupuncture, regular acupuncture and cupping - all very cool and very effective.  I could literally feel my blood pressure relax and my whole system become less frantic.  My doctor later reported that my blood pressure was down 20 points on both numbers." ~ C.Sinclair
"Julianne has helped me overcome many health related issues over the past 4 years.  I have come to her for help with pain, as well as ailments related to a run down condition.  She has been able to help me with all of them.  Julianne is compassionate and skilled, and will help you recover sooner rather than later." ~B.Neuman