Regular Acupuncture treatments will open up the body’s circulation system thereby detoxifying the muscles to provide relief from pain and discomfort so the body can heal sooner rather than later. Your blood contains the pharmacy for the body and the blood vessels are the transportation roads for the delivery system. Open roads are needed to stay healthy. When we feel pain and discomfort, that is a sign that there is blockages and congestion on the roads.

The body is designed with invisible connecting energy pathways (meridians) and holograms all over the body, so depending on the injured area; I will use points on the limbs interchangeably to address the entire body, even the back.

One of my clients who had sprained their ankle as why I was putting a needle beside the knuckle of their thumb and then asking for them to circulate the injured ankle.  This is because the knuckle can represent the anklebone.  Strange, but it works all the time.

Got a headache?  There is a point in the webbing of the hand between the index finger and the thumb so we can use the hand for headaches as well as foot problems.

Got a pain in the neck?  I can use points on the ankles and wrists.

This allows me to layer the treatment from different perspectives.

Cosmetic Acupuncture:

The Meizen Cosmetic protocol is truly based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory.  It involves the placement of very tiny needles, which facilitate and invigorate the facial circulation system creating a softer more relaxed look for you.  

Acupuncture points on the face will bring Qi (energy), blood and water to the area. These elements are important for cell hydration and regeneration as well as; the production of collagen.  

Please book a 90 minute session for this treatment.
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