Treatments are always based on the individual:

When we first meet, I will ask a series of questions that relate to:
• the reason for coming to me.
• Sleep experience.
• Diet (hot or cold food, type of food and temperature of the water you prefer to drink).
• Daily stress level.
• Health history.

I will look at your tongue

(Your tongue holds a map of your internal organ system on it). 
It is especially helpful to see how the digestion system is functioning.

I will look at your ears. (Your ears are imprinted with your entire body on them). 
I am checking to see if I can see some stagnation, or perhaps you had an injured area or limb at some point in your life or; I am looking for signs of excess heat.  I have helped lots of people who for whatever reason, are experiencing too much heat in their body. Too much heat can cause one to be bad tempered, be continually frustrated, and have poor sleep; so when I look at their ear, I know it can be helped just by releasing this heat to make things so much easier for them.

I will then offer you some feedback and discuss what I would like to do to help you.