In my experience and years of training, I find starting off the treatment with some Moving Cup Cupping therapy on the back of the body is a good way to open up the circulation system to activate all the organ systems and relax the body. It feels more like a Massage. Following is Stationary Cupping. The vacuum effect from the cups gently pulls the muscle fibres up, to release congestion such as muscle knots and tension.

There are three reasons I use the cups on the back of the body.

1. The back holds a lot of tension that can be felt all over the body from the head to the toes.

2. In Chinese medicine, all of the organ systems are represented on either side of the spine with that meridian being the longest in the body and so it is easy to get traffic jams in the circulation and cause pain and discomfort.

3. Blood Circulation is like the pharmacy train for the body, it transports everything the body needs to heal. Cupping therapy promotes circulation and allows the transportation of good chemicals to travel to where the body needs them most.

Cupping is also very good for Calf pain, Hamstring injuries and Hip pain. These are areas where deep tissue blockages can cause pain, which impacts a person’s ability to walk, sit or laydown.

As well, if you have had trauma to your body causing bruising, visible or deep in the tissues, the cups can help remove the toxins that keep the bruise from dispersing and the muscle from healing.