Did you know…

Regular exercise is an important health choice to make. Whether you are actively and intentionally Walking, Running, playing Sports; or doing Yoga, moving is the key ingredient. When we actively move, we promote circulation of blood, body fluids and Qi (life energy). The circulation in our bodies are the roads for which our brain’s messages travel. When the roads are clear, the messages go through and health is maintained. When there is congestion on the roads, traffic accidents are likely to happen (Pain and Tension) and messages become mixed up causing confusion. Cupping and Acupuncture are tools I use to open those roads and clear congestion from your body. When pain and tension are present, it is an indication of congestion in the fibres of the muscles.


Creativity feeds your soul. Being creative helps us to have introspection about how we are feeling. When we are expressing ourselves, whether by making, doing or changing something, it demonstrates a perspective for that moment in time. A very powerful way to work through any idea. If you are feeling down or confused, try getting a colouring book and start colouring, your mood will change as you work with the colors. I love being creative. It is personal and very fulfilling.


Drinking warm water will not only help to keep your body warm, it goes along way to keeping your blood circulation optimized.
Blood is mostly made of water so when we drink plain warm water your muscles will have lots of nutrients flowing through to allow you to move with ease.

And, when you have lots of water in your system, the organs can do a proper exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide to reduce the risk of accumulating toxins.

So if you want to see if you are drinking enough water, have a look at your tongue. Your tongue holds a map of your internal organ system. If you tongue is dry, cracked or thin, then you definitely need to hydrate with water more.